Guidelines for Completing the Community Service Plan

To complete your Community Experience Plan, please click on the link and "Save" the document to your desktop or ERHS student user folder to maintiain the formatting of this document. This will also allow you to  make any corrections or changes to your Plan. In some cases you may need to click enable document at the top, then view/edit document.


The same applies to both the Time Log and Mentor Evaluation.

You will need to complete all of the fields on the top portion of each of these forms, then give the form(s) to your community mentor to complete their portion and sign each of these documents.


To complete your Reflective Essay, follow the guidelines provided and type your reflection in a formal essay format a seperate piece of paper.


Required Documents:

1. Typed Community Service Plan

2. Time Log signed by mentor

3. Mentor evaluation filled out and signed

4. Typed 1-2 page reflection of your experience

*you will receive a completion certificate for your portfolio


If you  have any questions, or need help, please see Mrs. McMullan or Mrs. Browning in the Counseling and Career Center.