High School & Beyond Plan


In alignment with the Puyallup School District's philosophy and Washington State's graduation requirements, the High School & Beyond Plan challenges students to apply their classroom education in demonstrating their college and career readiness for life after high school through the completion of a multi-year educational and post high plan, professional resume, community experience and senior conference. 
  • The community experience will include a 20-hour active, community-based learning or service experience.  The Puyallup School District Varsity Letter in Community Service will fulfill this graduation requirement.
  • The high school & beyond plan and professional resume will prepare students for successful transition to post-high opportunities and documents their work, knowledge, skills, and experiences accrued in grades 8-12.
  • The senior conference will provide opportunity for students to share their educational and career goals, high school graduation requirements and connections to the community through community experience and current professional resume.

High School & Beyond Plan Senior Conference

Class of 2019 - March 6-8, 2019 has been designated as conference days

All seniors will participate in a senior conference
Seniors will be individually scheduled 

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