Career Center News

Welcome to YOUR Emerald Ridge Career Center

This is an important time to discover who you are, where your interests lie, and make some goals for yourself.  Our goal is to provide all students with the tools needed for a successful high school career and a meaningful post high school plan by offering the following services:
Career/Post High Planning
Employment Opportunities
Community Service Opportunities
Counseling Services
Clubs/Activities Connections
College/Career Seminars


A few steps to help you find your path:

1.Take challenging classes to learn new subjects, strengths and interests. Learn new skills in classes, clubs and extra-curricular activities.
2.Do some research into career options.
3.Talk to counselors, career specialist, on-time graduation specialist, teachers and advisors.
4.Find part-time jobs or volunteer opportunities! They're invaluable experiences!

We hope to see you soon!