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Counseling & Career Center

You can book an appointment with your ERHS counselor online! 
Use the Online Appointment Booking links below or find out more info HERE.   

Jag Families - Please Note:
Mrs. Tobin (Ms. Hepworth), has moved to Ferrucci Junior High School starting the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Tobin previously worked with students last names F-L at ERHS. While we work to find a new counselor to serve the ERHS community, the ERHS Counseling team has adjusted their caseloads to support students with last names F-L.
Please see temporary alpha outline below: 

A-G:  Mr. Rosdahl

J-Q & AVID Students:  Ms. Hyman

R-Z & International Exchange Students and the letters H & I:  Mr. LG

Counselors Email Address   Online Appointment Booking  Phone Number
 David Rosdahl  (A-E) 253-435-6326
 TBD  (F-L)

 Callie Hyman  (M-Q & AVID) 253-435-6413
 Mariano Leon-Guerrero (Mr. LG) 
(R-Z & International Exchange Students)              253-435-6314
 Patti McMullan (Career Specialist) 253-435-6312
 Robin Buxton (OTGS) 

Questions about Next Year Schedules 
Student schedules are not finalized until August and will be visible on Home Access Center (HAC) shortly before the 2021-2022 school year begins.  Schedules are developed based on student requests which were entered in Spring.  The process for schedule corrections will be publicized in late August. 

Join us in the following Schoology groups:
- PSD Varsity Letter in Volunteer Service - CX345-2X48S

Counseling Center Secretary
For enrollment please contact Counseling Secretary, Holly Jette. 
For transcripts, please make an online request via Parchment, see information below.

Holly Jette
253-435-6311 Fax: 253-435-6396

**Please request electronic transcripts via Parchment

***Please fax Education Verifications to (253) 435-6396

If you need to request a transcript, use the link below or scan the QR code to get started.

 Final Transcript QR Code.png 
Counseling Center Secretary Donna Drumm

Career Center Secretary and High School and Beyond Plan Support
If you have questions about your High School and Beyond Plan contact:

Lynnette Butler

Data Processing
If you have questions about how a class was posted to your transcript or if you need to update your phone number/email address or physical address call or email:

Verlene Walker

On Time Graduation Specialist and State Testing
If you have questions about state testing requirements for graduation, please contact:

Robin Buxton

Do you want to find out if you qualify for free or reduced-price meals? 
Apply for the meal program online HERE
If you have questions, please phone Food & Nutrition at (253) 841-8773

Schoology will keep you up-to-date on grades and class assignments with due dates.  You can also message teachers and be a part of groups that help you know what's happening on campus and ways to be involved.  

Your STUDENT Schoology is:

Your STUDENT Schoology password is:   first name initial, last name initial, birth month (2 digits) and birth day (2 digits)  

Example:  John Smith born March 7th would be JS0307

Parents, please email for your Schoology access code to see your students progress at ERHS.

Home Access Center
HAC shows class schedules, attendance, interim progress reports, testing, and unofficial transcripts.

Technology Support
PSD Technology Easy Guides and How-To Documents:
If you need assistance with Schoology or Home Access Center contact: 

Help Desk Phone, 7:00am to 4:00pm

La línea directa de habla hispana 
El distrito escolar de Puyallup ha implementado la línea directa de habla hispana para ayudar a las familias hispanohablantes a tener acceso a la información escolar y distrital. La línea de mensajes, ofrecida a través de la oficina de asuntos de diversidad del distrito, está abierta las 24 horas del día, siete días a la semana desde el 1 de agosto hasta el 30 de junio al (253) 604-3300 or