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Closure Info

Please call 253-435-6300 or you can fill out this survey and we'll contact you.

Digital Resources

The Help Desk team is available to provide assistance to parents, students and district staff through the COVID-19 closure. We are providing remote customer service and are available to answer your call during the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. The phone number to reach Help Desk is 253-841-8600.

 EdTec is observing safe practices and following social distancing guidelines.  Therefore, if we cannot resolve your issue remotely, the technician will schedule an in person appointment.  If you arrive without an appointment, you may have to wait until other customers are served.

 You can submit a help desk ticket here

Useful how-to guides:

Clever Access At Home Email Access for Students

Flipgrid Family Guide Schoology Setup Guide

Schoology Notifications Settings Virtual Meeting Etiquette for Students

Class of 2021 (Seniors)

We have created a webpage just for you.

Teacher Contact Information and Office Hours
OFFICE HOURS - Monday 11:30 - 12:00
Tues-Fri 2:00 - 2:30
Teachers can also be reached during your class period on the asynchronous learning.

Aguilar, Steve [email protected]
Allen, Terese [email protected]
Backus, Brianna [email protected]
Barry, Madelyn [email protected]
Bates, Jay [email protected]
Berger, Andrew  [email protected]
Brassard, Raymond [email protected]
Bristow, Calen [email protected] 
Campbell, James [email protected]
Carpenter, Brian [email protected]
Chappell, Michael [email protected]
Cirhan, Timothy [email protected]
Connor, Kelley [email protected]
Davis, Mary [email protected]
Deatherage-Larsen, Holly [email protected]
Donovan, Torey [email protected]
Evans, Corey [email protected]
Findlay, Kelli  [email protected]
Fox-Mullen, Jill [email protected]
Frey, Robert [email protected]
Fry, Scott [email protected]
Goralski, Lynn [email protected]
Groce, Brandi [email protected]
Hart, Rod [email protected]
Hepworth, Lyndsey [email protected]
Horton, Christi [email protected]
Horton, Robert [email protected]
Hyman, Callie  [email protected]
Jauch, Thomas [email protected]
Kase, Jesse [email protected]
Knutson, Sarah  [email protected]
Koch, Mary Jo [email protected]
Leon-Guerrero, Mariano [email protected]
Lowe-McDaniel, Kayla [email protected]
Mattson, Jessica [email protected]
Mayfield, Tranell [email protected]
McKee, Kurt [email protected]
McMullan, Melissa [email protected]
Miller, Barbara [email protected]
Miller, Leslie [email protected]
Miller, Mark [email protected]
Moore, Josh [email protected]
Muehlenbruch, Benjamin [email protected]
Muehlenbruch, Jennifer [email protected]
Noll, Mitchell [email protected]
Ogden, Rebecca [email protected]
Paul, Eric [email protected]
Picardo, Jennifer [email protected]
Ramsey, Joel [email protected]
Read, Ann [email protected]
Reinke, Debra [email protected]
Rolfs, Sherri [email protected]
Rosdahl, David [email protected]
Schrader, Brenda [email protected]
Schwartz, Kendall [email protected]
Shepard, Tracie [email protected]
Smith, Suzanne [email protected]
Susee, Molly [email protected]
Swanson, Carrie [email protected]
Swanson, Erik [email protected]
Tavern, Christopher [email protected]
Thun, Jennifer [email protected]
Tucker, Alysa  [email protected]
Viniarski, Andrew  [email protected]
Wiest, Kelsey [email protected]

Counseling Resources and Services

COVID-19 Community Resources

Info about Virtual Counseling Appointments