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High School and Beyond Plan

High School and Beyond Plan Graduation Requirement 

New Digital Platform “Xello” 

Beginning with the class of 2022, all students in the Puyallup School District will be using Xello to fulfill the High School & Beyond plan for graduation.

Xello provides students the opportunity to understand their full potential with academics and careers, assisting them with setting their 4 year plan and finally putting it all the pieces together into a meaningful post high school plan that they will present to a mentor, thus, meeting the HSBP graduation requirement

 The 2022 HSBP Xello Walkthrough – with Xello Supporting Lessons gives an overview of the State’s High School & Beyond plan requirements.

 In spring of their senior year, students will present their High School and Beyond Plan during their Senior Interview.

Students will be completing the Xello core lessons through homeroom. All Xello core lessons must be complete prior to the senior interview.

Students who do not complete the lesson in homeroom or are absent are expected to complete lessons to stay on track for graduation.

Running start students can access the Xello lessons and informational PowerPoints through their homeroom Schoology course.  


For the Class of 2022 only, the Community Experience requirement has been waived.

We understand many of our students have completed volunteer hours and we encourage them to include these experiences in their Xello portfolio and senior presentation.  

 Students will be supported by their homeroom teacher and Career Counselor.

Students needing individualized assistance or more information for their High School & Beyond Plan options should contact Mrs. McMullan in the Career Center. 

 Link to past Homeroom Xello Lessons:

 Senior Interview Overview Sheet

 2022 HSBP Xello Walkthrough