Our New Normal

Your life is probably busy right now as we adjust to a “new normal,” and finding time to help your student with school assignments can be challenging! As parents, we often become task-oriented and try to get through our to-do list as efficiently as possible. This week, take a few minutes to connect BEFORE you talk about school assignments. 

“When children feel strongly connected to you (they feel loved, valued, and understood), they are simply more open to your influence.”

By Marcilie Smith Boyle, MBA, CPC


Try this:

 • Elementary students – Hug or sit close by your child. Studies have proven that Humans were built for physical connection.

 • Secondary students – Ask for one concern, one hope, and one joke BEFORE asking if their homework is done. Show them that you care about how they are doing.

 • Adults- Talk with someone you care about what you are thinking about or how you are feeling. This connection will boost your immune system!