The mission of Puyallup School District’s Emergency Planning is to develop and maintain a comprehensive plan to protect students and staff and to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies that might occur in the District.


The District continues to have requirements in place for written site-based emergency plans. An updated emergency preparedness guide has been written to provide school principals and site administrators with guidelines for revising and maintaining emergency plans for their site. Building administrators receive monthly training on emergency preparedness, with a focus on pre-teaching and de-briefing required monthly drills.




•     A minimum of 10 emergency drills per year, one per month September through June (3 fire, 3 lockdown, 1 shelter-in-place, 1 mapping, 1 earthquake,  and 1 lahar (valley schools)

•     Use of Rapid Responder for storing emergency plans, school maps, safety teams and recording of annual drills or actual events

•     All exterior doors locked except one  

•     Drilling lockdowns in progressively more difficult scenarios, using a script

•     Use of the “Run, Hide, Fight” concept

•     Pre-teaching students, drilling, then debriefing with students after each drill, including a discussion around “what would happen next”

•     ALL staff members participate in drills, even those which are unannounced

•     Use of the district’s standard Student Release protocol

•     Review of our school reunification site and its appropriateness

•     Standard room numbering throughout the district with locator signs

•     Classroom numbers posted in exterior windows  

•     Prepare front door lockdown signs and window coverings: enlarge, print, and laminate.