ERHS Mission

Our Mission

The Puyallup School District, in partnership with our diverse communities, educates and inspires students to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Puyallup School District students will be:

  • Skilled in successfully applying knowledge in all required subjects.
  • Competent as critical and innovative thinkers able to analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Engaged as life-long learners pursuing their goals and dreams.
  • Successful as communicators and collaborators.
  • Proficient in demonstrating an understanding of and a respect for individual differences.
  • Prepared to transition to post-high school opportunities and be able to compete locally and globally.
  • Skilled in making life choices that are healthy and socially responsible.
  • Motivated to strive for excellence.


The four pillars of Emerald Ridge culture are four goals derived from out district’s vision and mission statements.  These four goals have remained steadfast since ERHS’s inception 14 years ago.  The four goals encompass everything we do in our school and have positive results for all our students.  These goals in action will help develop our student body into strong contenders among their peers. 

  1. EVERY STUDENT will be well-known, both personally and academically, by at least one adult staff member.
  2. EVERY STUDENT will be challenged to meet rigorous academic standards in an appropriate education program.
  3. EVERY STUDENT will be provided with opportunities to experience the benefits of community membership and to develop and practice leadership skills.
  4. EVERY STUDENT will be prepared for whatever he/she chooses to do after graduation, with a strong transcript, a career pathway, a plan and a portfolio.