Participation Requirements
  • Notified all HS – OTGS’ of the Ready for Washington Opt In for Better Education video contest
  • Scheduled for Saturday testing for Running Start students, but then the option was removed Scheduled a heavy testing day for Running Start students on a day when Pierce College was not in session.
  • Our DAC both called and met with the Running Start representatives at both Clover Park Technical College and Pierce College to visit with them about the need for student participation in SBA testing and assess their level of support.
  •  Offered two testing opportunities prior to Spring Break for Running Start during our two professional development days, March 24th in the afternoon, and March 25th in the morning. We also included ELA testing opportunities for Juniors who had not yet passed the Smarter Balance ELA.

o   ELA Juniors had to test over two days

o   RS Juniors for math were able to take both parts of the test in one day.

o   This opportunity increased our Running Start participation from 5% or less last year, to 36% this year with 27 RS students sitting for both sections of the test over a two day period.