It seems that as long as there has been joy for life, food, friends, and family, there has been a reason to be thankful.  As we begin the week before Thanksgiving and are heading into a well-deserved four day break, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to remind myself what makes me thankful.  This is a chance to take a step back for the chaos of my work-life balance with the people I care about and my family – not only my work family, but my wife and children.  There are many times when, as a school community, we are so caught up in what happens day to day at school, at athletic competitions, or at club activities, that we forget the other side of life -- those who wait for us at home.  To them, I want to say “thanks,” for all you do for me each and every day.  As you all head to your Thanksgiving tables and football games – thank you.  We will see you next week!

Mr. Hampton